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Five takes on the Anti-Object (PDF, EN)

An episodic reading of Kengo Kuma's little blue book, which encapsulates his design philosophy. The essay is free-form, composed of 18 mini manifestos, each of them taking a single A4 page. The question is always the same. What is the Anti Object?

Transient topographies: a photographic language for impermanence (PDF, EN)

Analyzing the methodology and concept behind the two-year long photographic book project Glass|Wood. The paper was presented at INTER: Photography and Architecture international conference in Pamplona, Navarra. Co-authored by Erieta Attali.

Palindrome Spaces (Revista ARQ no.92, EN, ES)

Short introduction of Erieta Attali's unique photographic work, at the intersection of archaeological, landscape and architecture photography.

The ubiquitous palace / Analyzing urban pervasive games as an interface for a new Public Realm (PDF, Summary, EN) (PDF, Full, EN)

This research attempts to show the equivalence, under a sociological reading of space, of two superficially very different systems: mobile location based games and Cedric Price's 1962 Fun Palace; a radical, unrealized architectural experiment. The aim is to understand locative games as a framework for interfacing with increasingly 'smart' cities, which operate on several non-spatial domains. PocketOULU was developed in parallel with the writing of this paper to serve as one of the case studies. Masters Thesis Dissertation, 2014.

Imaginary Gardens / Exploring Chinese influences on the 18th century English Landscape Garden (PDF, Greek)

Taking William Chambers' 1772 Dissertation on Oriental Gardening as a starting point, the thesis explores the intersection between the rise of parliamentary Democracy in 18th century England, the fascination of urban elites with Oriental cultures and a major aesthetic paradigm shift: from Euclidean order to the irregular beauty of what would later be called 'the sublime'. NTUA graduation dissertation, 2011.

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